Warwick garden big dig 2021

Following the launch of Warwick garden in 2020, the patch experienced a harsh winter and weeds took advantage of the challenging weather conditions, overpowering the flowers and vegetables which had been planted.

To remedy this, a team of residents gathered to deweed, dig, preserving existing plants, insert blackcurrant, herbs, strawberries and sowed another 200+ seeds. Moving forward, we're aiming to deweed fortnightly and encourage growth of edible patch.

Families attended bringing their children as well as budding gardeners and local professionals. A number of attendees also attended from Madinah Mosque, Oak road, Maqsood Anwar, lead on the community iCare project said "We are very appreciative of this very important effort organised by Portland Watch - it helps improve the neighbourhood, empower residents and deter fly-tipping. The Islamic faith encourages us to remove anything harmful from our streets and edible or beneficial planting is a considered charity.

Many thanks to all the volunteers and Edible Luton for their donation of plants, seeds and compost.


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