Councillor advocacy

Following our 2019 AGM, members of Portland Watch met Councillors Abbas Hussain and Hannah Adrees to raise issues from the neighbours meeting.


At the moment, there are two cameras in the Portland Watch area, both around Portland Park:

1. On the corner of Shaftesbury road and Portland park (portable) and

2. Bottom of Maple road

Due to council budgetary constraints, it's not feasible to fund another static camera but both councillors will support the redeployment of the portable camera to the corner of Portland road /Kingway to deter unsociable gatherings and identify cars driving illegally the wrong way down the one-way section of the road.


To increase visibility of the Portland Watch, both councillors will be speaking to the council about placing 7 high-visibility signs (one for each road across the Portland area ) on council lampposts.

HMO development

There is a potential issue with the sale of the surgery on Medina road being converted into an HMO, in terms of the impact on residents parking.

Medina road residents will be contacted once the council receive a submission.


The councillors suggested that police patrols through the streets on Dallow are helpful in reducing fly tipping and suggested we engage PCSOs to encourage local patrols.

In relation to CCTV efficacy and council’s budget, the council will provide us a breakdown of funding allocation across Luton in February 2020.